Rolandas Daugela Lietuva

Роландас Даугела.jpg

Choir conductor, choir conducting lecturer, teacher expert, the founder and art director of "Cantate Domino" and "Vivere Cantus" choirs, the founder and art director of 6 international choir festivals "Lituania Cantat". Leading four children’s choir Cantica, Vytautas Magnus University Music Academi mixed choir.

Since 1983 - 1990 he studied at the Lithuanian State Conservatoire (now Lihuanian Music and Theatre Academy) choral conducting class. In 1999 High School of Music Salzburg Mozarteum led by Professor Albert Hartinger rates - a conductor-trainee. 2000-2002 studied at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and the licensee has acquired a degree of art, and provide LMTA lecturer pedagogical degree. Since 2010, Rolandas Daugėla participated in many famous choir and symphonic conducting master classes: Stan Engebretson (U.S.A),

Mark Anthony Carpio (Philippines), Eugeen Chant d’Abelardo (Austria), Johann Van der Sandt (South Africa), Maris Sirmais (Latvia), Hirvo Surva (Estonia), Lesley Ka-hey Chan (Hong Kong), Gary Graden (Sweden), Vladimir Ponkin (Russia), Margrethe Ek (Norway).

In 1992 organized church chamber choir "Cantate Domino". Since 1998 he gives lectures at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, Kaunas Faculty, now he gives lectures at the Vytautas Magnus University Music Academy. 2003 - 2004 R. Daugėla was elected and appointed the head of LMTA Kaunas Faculty of Music conducting didactic department. 2003 - 2004 and 2006 - 2008 was a mixed choir LMTA KF art director and conductor. Since 2006 Rolandas Daugėla is the conductor of the Juozas Naujalis music gymnasium choir "Cantica". In 2015 Rolandas Daugėla found the Vytautas Magnus University mixed choir "Vivere cantus". The choirs and students participated in over 60 international competitions and festivals in Lithuania and abroad only to win the highest awards and prizes. One of the latest best conductor award was won in 2016 at an international choir music competition "Canti Veris Praga" where the 1st place, a gold diploma, prize for the mandatory czech composer's piece, nomination for the Gran Prix, and the prize for the best conductor.

Rolandas Daugėla is a member of many creative unions: Lithuanian musics' union, Lithuanian choir union presidium, Kaunas department of the Lithuanian choir union. Since 1996 he is the chief conductor of Kaunas’ and since 1998 the chief conductor of World Lithuanian Song Celebrations. Since 2006 - Lithuanian choral expert - advisor. Various competitions and member of jury since 2009. International Festival Bratislava Cantat a member of jury, the lecturer, and member of international program in Erasmus University of Applied Arts in Bratislava in Slovakia. In 2013 was a member of jury in Ohrid choir festival (Macedonia). In 2014 was a President of Jury in Queen of the Adriatic Sea Choral Festival and Competition, Cattolica (Italy). In 2014 was a member of jury in International Youth Music Festival II Bratislava (Slovakia). In 2015 was a member of jury in International Festival “Silver Bells” Daugpilis (Latvija). In 2015 was a member of jury in International Festival “Mundus Cantat” Sopot (Poland) and in International Youth Music Festival II Bratislava (Slovakia). In 2016 was a member of jury in I International Youth Conductors Competition Daugpilis (Latvija). Member of jury in II international choir and orchestra competition "Music Festa Florence" (Italy). Member of jury in III Baltic choir competition "Pomerania Cantat" (Poland) in 2017. Member of jury in 52nd prof. Jana Szyrockieg name international choir competition in Miedzyzdrojach (Poland) in 2017. The member of jury and international master class lecturer in an international choir competition "Singing World" in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in 2017. Member of jury in the international Liviu Borlan name choir competition in Baia Mare (Romania) in 2017. Member of jury in the II international Baltic sea choirs competition in Jurmala (Latvia). Member of jury in the V international music festival in Bratislava (Slovakia) in 2017. Memner of jury in the V children and youth choral world chanpionship in 2018.

In 1992 has started to create the international choral sacred music festival - competition "Cantate Domino“. Since 2010. Series of international festivals Kaunas Musica Religiosa, Kaunas Cantat, Šiauliai Cantat, since 2015 of International Choir Festival and Competition of Lithuanian Music Patriarch Juozas Naujalis initiator and artistic director, since 2018 of International festival Choir and Orchestra “Birštonas Cantat”.

Awards: In 1998, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania provided this artist with the 1st degree S. Šimkus award for his musical activity and the promotion of Lithuanian choral music. Rolandas Daugėla is the winner of 2007 culture and art scholarship. In 2008 Rolandas Daugėla was nominated for “Golden bird“ also winner of „Authentic music“ award. In 2009 prized with “Golden bird” award for nomination of “International shine star”. In 2009 of sacred music enshrine in Lithuania and abroad was given the Archdiocese of Kaunas set up thanks diploma. In 2010 the labor of love, nurturing sacred music, chamber choir “Cantate Domino” high achievement and awards and the International Sacred Music Festival and Competition "Cantate Domino" organization was awarded of Kaunas City Municipality established “Kindness crystal”. In 2010 for the highest international awards and educational activities was given Kaunas City Municipality Culture and Art Prize. In 2011 was awarded for merit the city of Kaunas burgomaster Jonas Vileišis brass medal.